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₹1,299 ₹1,049 Tour list image

Khedda Resort

Resorts 4.6 5 review(s) 6 days
₹1,299 ₹1,049 Tour list image

The Garden Asia

Resorts 4.3 7 review(s) 6 days
₹1,899 ₹1,499 Tour list image

Signature Club Resort

Resorts 4.3 4 review(s) 6 days
₹1,899 ₹1,499 Tour list image


Resorts 4.6 5 review(s) 6 days
₹1,299 ₹1,049 Tour list image

Lords Park

Resorts 4.5 4 review(s) 6 days
₹1,399 ₹1,199 Tour list image

Urban valley

Resorts 4.3 6 review(s) 6 days

Travel Destinations

Expand your Horizon! Make new Friends! Free your Soul! Enjoy the Wildness! Discover your Oasis!

“The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself.” – Wallace Stevens

 “Go, fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, journey, discover, adventure.”

Why Travel with WildFire?

Cost Effectiveness

Our event services are cost effective, we work with companies to help them plan and meet their event budget expectations.


Maximize your ROE (return on event) by leveraging our expertise to save time, money and stress, all while putting on an amazing event.


We are locked and loaded with a network of preferred vendor partners to offer you a wide range of choice.


Pick what you need, our experiences and events are fully customisable to cater to your needs.

Less Stress!

With a multitude of intricate details to keep up with, you can rest assured knowing we have it all under control for you.

Details, Details, Details!

Planning a successful event requires a thorough knowledge of all the details involved. It is easy for things to slip through the cracks with lack of experience.

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